Protective Coating

When it comes to your vehicle, what a better way to protect your investment then with protective coating. We offer different options based on your needs and budget.

Paint Protection

Create a smooth protective finish and keep the "new car" shine.
Paint Protection creates a barrier between your vehicle's painted surface, therefor protecting the paint from the damaging elements that can dull and fade it. Body-Gard® Paint Protection helps:
• Block out the sun's harmful UV rays
• Protect against pollution
• Create a smooth protective finish blocking outside elements
• Protect against oxidation, fading and loss of gloss
• Lock in the "new car" shine


Upholstery Protection

Coats and protects single fibers, leather and vinyl to guard against stains and fading.
Spills, stains, UV rays and even dust can damage your vehicle's interior. Upholstery protection helps:
• Protects fabric, leather and vinyl against stains, spills, and moisture absorption
• Reduces fading and discoloration
• Penetrating formula allows for quick and easy clean-up
• Adds years of life to your vehicle's upholstery

Autosaver Electronic Corrosion Control

Protect your investment and extend the life of your vehicle with AutoSaver™.
While automakers continuously improve the quality of vehicles, the problem of rust formation continues. Rust and corrosion shortens the life of your vehicle and therefor can lead to costly repairs. AutoSaver™ helps protect your investment.
• Proven effective in inhibiting rust and corrosion
• Protects areas that traditional rust protection cannot reach
• Patented technology
• Made in Canada
• Environmentally safe and clean
• Lifetime new-vehicle warranty, pre-owned warranty also available


One of the many ways SmartProgram puts more money back into your pocket, is by offering advanced vehicle coating technology like Ceramic Paint Protection. Thanks to its revolutionary ability to protect your vehicles from an array of environmental factors, your new car can stay new for longer!

Ceramx Brochure

Reduced Surface Tension


Washing Your Car Just Got Easier!
Ceramic paint protection provides a protective shield that is stronger, lighter and harder than other vehicle coatings on the market. Thanks to less adhesion for dirt and debris to attach to your vehicle’s paint, cleaning your car is a breeze!

Industry-leading Ceramic Paint Protection

Not only does Ceramx give you scratch resistance as well as fewer and easier washes. In addition, our industry-leading ceramic paint protection minimizes micro-scarring. This high-quality product is designed with reduced pore size and harder nanotechnology ceramic surface, this is to help prevent tiny swirls and scarring of the paint surface.



Nanotechnology (engineering of particles and resistance at the molecular level) produces a coating comprising tiny particles. This results in a closer bonding to the paint surface, making it almost impossible for dirt and moisture to penetrate.

A Free Car Wash Everytime it Rains!

We genuinely mean it when we say cleaning your car just got easier. Thanks to its self-cleaning properties, Ceramx allows rainwater to wash off while collecting dirt as it runs down the side of the vehicle.

Ceramic Finish With UV Blocking Technology 

Our ceramic paint protection contains UV blockers that protect your paint finish against oxidation and fading. These same UV blockers also keep your car looking its best even in extreme heat.


ULTIMATE PLUS™ is one of the most advanced paint protection films on the market. Available in three different thicknesses to offer you the protection you need for exterior and interior surfaces. The entire ULTIMATE PLUS line up is virtually invisible and provides protection from everyday damages including scuffs, scratches, chips and more.

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